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Opened for play in 1984, the Palmer course at Chung Shan Hot Spring GC is China’s first modern day course. (Apprently there were a few around Shanghai in the 1930s frequented by the Brits, but these were quickly got rid of by the gloriously efficient communists after the war).
CTS Tycoon Golf Club is wholly owned by China Travel Investment Hong Kong, Ltd. It originally opened as a 27-hole facility in 1999 but was enlarged to a 45-hole facility in 2010.

Shenzhen Golf Club (SGC) is one of the first golf clubs in China, established as early as in 1985. It is also the closest club to Hong Kong as it only takes 10 minutes on a taxi and about 20 RMB from the Huang Gang Border.

Dongguan Hillview golf club is conveniently located nearby the city centry of Dongguan city. With the neigbouring Express Highway, you can reach Shenzhen Airport and Fu yong ferry Terminal in 40 minutes, Guangzhou in 60 minutes and Hong Kong in 90 minutes.

The Guangzhou Luhu Golf & Country Club is home to a well-rated and always popular golf course. This tree-lined parkland layout should not disappoint, with …

The Xili Golf and Country Club was officially inaugurated in May 1995. Designed by award-winning architects Nelson, Wright and Haworth, The 36-hole championship golf courses has been created by using elements of existing natural beauty which offers all level of players a challenging day’s golf in magnificent surroundings.
Harbour Town Golf Links is a public golf course in the eastern United States, located in South … Harbour Town Golf Links is ranked high among golf courses in America by Golf Digest and … in size; they average 3,700 square feet (340 m2) in area, while the average on tour is 6,600 sq ft (610 m2). …. Read • Edit • View history ..

Lakewood, New Jersey was golf’s first popular “off season” gathering place. Before the turn of the century, visitors to Lakewood had their choice of two outstanding “resort” courses whose season lasted from October 1st through the following June 1st. 

Built in 1984 as Zhuhai’s first golfing site, Zhuhai Golf Club has an international-standards course with par 72 and 18 holes, having a length of 7,000 m and total area of 120 hectares. The greens and lakes are scattered in orderly arrays. It boasts a high-end clubhouse.

Mission Hills Shenzhen is a twelve course 18-hole course golf resort, located in the town of Guanlan (觀瀾) in Shenzhen, between the cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan. It is accredited as the world’s largest golf facility by the Guinness World Records in 2004, surpassing the Pinehurst Resort in the United States. 

Originally known as Prune Island, Palm Island got its current name when the former owners, the late John Caldwell (「Johnny Coconut」) and his wife Mary, planted hundreds of coconut palms, transforming the deserted, swampy, and mosquito infested island into a palm covered one. 

The Club is conveniently located and is within 20″ drive from Huang Gang Border, This Club is also right next to the another Golf Club – Noble Merchant. A taxi ride should cost around 45-50 RBM, the Club also runs a shuttle bus service to and from Lok Ma Chau.

Long Island Golf and Country Club is a luxurious resort located in Lotus Hill, Changan Town, Dongguan, where it is accessible via the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Superhighway. The Club has a world-class 36-hole USGA championship golf course and is also the first golf club in China to have 18-hole golf course with floodlights facility, and also signed an affiliation agreement with “The Finest Golf Clubs of the World” of St.

Located 20 minutes from Panyu town, Lotus Hill Golf Resort is home to a an attractive Bernhard Langer designed course, an impressive club house and various other resort facilities. The most convenient way to get there from Hong Kong is by ferry (China/HK city – Lian Hua Shan: 1hr 30 mins) and then shuttle bus (5 mins from ferry pier) but it can be reached from Huanggang in around 1hr 30 mins by private transport. 

The club is right next to the well equipped Westin Hotel and has held many International golf events such as the yearly Macau Open. Ferry service from Hong Kong to Macau is extremely good with frequent service, every 15″ intervals at most hours. You can either take the club’s shuttle bus or a taxi to club by the ferry pier.
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